Solar Garden will participate in Solar Rewards Community Program

Minnetonka, MN – February 10, 2017—Sunrise Energy Ventures received a conditional use permit from the City of Scandia in Washington County and is set to proceed with the construction of a solar garden totaling 6.5 MW that will be a part of the Solar Rewards Community Program through Xcel Energy.

“We are pleased to be approved for another important solar garden that will generate clean, sustainable energy for community of Scandia and the surrounding area,” said Dean Lieschow, chief executive officer of Sunrise Energy Ventures. “Solar gardens and the Solar Rewards Community Program are instrumental in bringing affordable, clean energy to our growing communities and our increasing energy consumption.”

Under this program, residential and business customers can subscribe to a solar garden and pay less on their electric bills each month. Customers continue to buy and use energy the same as always from Xcel Energy, but subscribers receive payment for a portion of the solar garden’s solar energy produced. This payment shows up as a credit on the energy bill.

The new 40-acre solar garden will be located near Manning Avenue and Highway 97 in Washington County will provide enough power to offset utilities for 1,600 homes.

SolarCity Corporation (NASDAQ: SCTY), the owner operator, contracted with Sunrise Energy Ventures as the green field originator. Sunrise Energy Ventures handled all discretionary permitting for the Scandia project, including working with local landowners, utilities and zoning districts.

Construction is set to begin in the spring of 2017, with completion in the late summer or early fall of 2017.

To find out availability of the program in any particular area, customers should visit

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