Landowner Resources

Community solar projects offer landowners an opportunity to benefit from the long-term financial value of solar energy beyond their own energy usage.

The Hidden Value of Community Solar

Landowners do not need to be experts in solar energy to unlock the hidden value of their land. Sunrise Energy Ventures partners with landowners around the country to plan, develop, install, and manage solar gardens creating predictable long-term value for the landowner.


Learn more about how your property can benefit from participating in a community solar garden.

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    Harnessing the Value of Solar

    Almost everyone in the United States understands the value of renewable solar energy, but far fewer understand how to harness the power of solar energy and put it to good use. Through a partnership with Sunrise Energy Ventures, landowners can take advantage of the benefits of solar energy without the responsibility of managing the process or the equipment.

    Sunrise Energy Ventures understands the complications that come with creating, maintaining and selling solar power to the community. We partner with landowners to make it all possible. We manage the whole process to bring the project to life. From beginning to end, we identify the site, comply with regulations, engage the community, and work with contractors.

    Creating Long Term Cash Flow

    Solar developments allow landowners to financially benefit from their property in a variety of ways. The cash flow they create is not dependent on weather patterns or crop yield. So, farms and other large properties enjoy the predictability of the income derived from solar installations.

    Get the most long-term value for your land without giving up your property rights. Participating in a solar development project offers cash flow, tax incentives, and a boost to the local community by reducing dependence on fossil fuels as the sole source of power for homes and businesses. Solar development projects add renewable energy into the power grid, helping our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Convert Your Acreage into Predictable
    Cash Flow

    We understand the concerns of landowners and we work hard to address their needs. Sunrise Energy Ventures partners with landowners to purchase or lease property that is well-suited for solar development. Our agreements provide you with a solid, long-term source of revenue, giving fair value for the use of your land.

    Finding the right location for a solar installation requires exhaustive research, testing and regulatory compliance. We find land that looks like a perfect match for an installation, then take all the necessary steps to ensure that land is properly zoned, that it will comply with all environmental laws and regulations, and that it presents the right geological conditions for an installation.

    We can help you turn your acreage into long-term cash flow.