Own and Operate

As the fastest growing renewable energy source worldwide, solar energy is a sustainable, long-term investment with a favorable ROI.

Our solar installations are not just a financial investment to maximize your revenue, they are also an investment in your community while having a positive impact on our environment.

The Value of the Perfect Partner

Sunrise Energy Ventures is committed to developing superior solar installations. From the identification and acquisition of ideal installation sites through the successful transfer of ownership, the expertise and experience of our team make us the optimal partner.


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    Greenhouse Gas Reductions Are Equivalent To:

    Generated By
    Completed Projects
    Coal BurnedAnnually
    Miles Driven By
    Avg Vehicle Annually

    Land Acquisition Experts

    Profitable projects begin with our ability to strategically acquire, or lease, land that is ideal for solar installations. Finding the right location for a solar installation requires exhaustive research, testing, and regulatory compliance. To streamline this process, we have invested in resources and tools.

    Our proven ability to understand the electrical grid infrastructure, solar potential, and zoning and environmental regulations gives us an advantage in acquiring, or leasing, land that is a perfect match for a solar installation while increasing our project’s value.

    Your Partner for Zoning and Permitting

    Our team are experts with a proven track record for obtaining zoning approval. With our stringent due diligence process, we ensure we have identified and obtained all permits, surveys, environmental impact reports, and any documentation needed to get a project ready for construction without delays.

    Our team caters to each buyer’s due diligence process and tailors our approach to each individual owner-operator. Because we are accessible and work in tandem with you, we do not act as corporate representatives at county board meetings, but act as your advocate and partner.

    Efficient Project Management

    We have the leadership, experience, and risk management skills needed to successfully initiate and launch a successful solar installation. For each project or project portfolio we are developing, we manage and maintain an easy-to-use data room that houses every project-related document.

    From proof of site control to site plans, the data room is our simple to navigate hub for everything you need to move forward with the project. This centralization of information provides transparency and enables a smooth transfer of ownership for our solar developments.

    Our Personal, Consultative Approach

    When it comes to successfully transferring ownership of a solar installation, having a strong relationship amongst partners is key to a successful project. Our core team of professionals will be with you every step of the process.

    This means having easy lines of communication to our VP of Business Development, our site developer, our site engineer, and our data room manager. We take pride in our ability to build trust with our partners through our consultative approach to developing and offering solar-installation solutions.

    Our solar developments can power your portfolio
    and create monthly cash flow.