Commercial Community Solar

Community Solar and Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPA) provide opportunities for businesses to benefit from the value of renewable solar energy with the lowest risk possible. Through our community solar programs, you can demonstrate your commitment to the environment, help control energy costs, and take advantage of available tax credits.

With no upfront costs, Virtual Power Purchase Agreements bring a renewable energy source onto your power grid at a consistent price to hedge against rising energy costs. Supplying long-term revenue certainty, Virtual Power Purchase Agreements also eliminate energy price volatility.

The Hidden Value of Community Solar

Our community solar programs are specifically designed to give your business all the benefits of “going green” without the need to install and maintain your own solar panels and other equipment. With community solar, everything is taken care of for you. From planning and development to maintenance and management, your business gets the benefits of solar energy without the commitment of time and human resources.


Learn more about how your business can benefit from participating in a community solar garden.

    Greenhouse Gas Reductions Are Equivalent To:

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    Solar Benefits Without Equipment

    Community solar projects and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a great opportunity for commercial businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the environment without the need for physical equipment to be installed at their locations. Businesses that are renting their facilities, are in shaded locations, or have inadequate roofs on property to house solar panels can still receive the benefits of “going green.”

    Subscribing to a community solar project enables commercial businesses of all sizes to get involved without expertise in the management of solar equipment. With our community solar projects, we manage and maintain the equipment while your business gets the value and benefits.

    Value to Your Organization

    Renewable solar energy is an opportunity for your business to make a statement that you are invested in your business, our planet, and our future. “Green” businesses are more attractive to potential customers, provide important talking points to help engage new customers , and give existing customers incentive to develop long-term relationships.

    Beyond the reputational benefits of being a green business, there is added value to your company’s bottom line. Businesses can take advantage of federal, state, and even local tax credits related to the use of renewable energy. Subscribing to a community solar garden also provides long-term protection against highly volatile energy costs.

    Virtual Power Purchase Agreements

    A Solar Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) is an agreement, whereby a corporate buyer commits to buy solar power at a pre-negotiated price for a pre-determined number of years. With no upfront costs, VPPAs provide value to your organization by adding renewable solar power into the energy mix at a predictable price to hedge against rising energy costs. Supplying long-term revenue certainty and eliminating energy price volatility, VPPAs provide corporations a positive return on investment for the length of the agreement, thus, increasing profitability while saving money.

    VPPAs help to satisfy your customer’s demand for sustainability and conservation by bringing a renewable resource onto your energy grid. Investing in solar energy shows an authentic commitment to our ecosystem and emphasizes your organization’s dedication to reducing environmental impact. Solar energy helps to combat greenhouse gas emissions by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Our Virtual Power Purchase Agreements help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint and fulfilling your corporate sustainability goals.

    Subscribe to our Solar Gardens

    Joining as a subscriber to our community solar garden projects is easy for commercial businesses. We help walk subscribers through the whole process while providing insight on the ways your business can maximize the benefits of solar energy at the lowest cost.

    Sunrise Energy Ventures is a hands-on collaborative partner with the many stakeholders involved in creating clean, affordable energy for communities and long-term revenue streams for investors. We scrupulously follow all laws and regulations, thoroughly evaluate all state and local regulatory requirements, and assess any future issues that may impact our investors.

    Getting Started with Solar


    We connect you with one of our solar energy experts to discuss your energy needs and evaluate the best solar program for you.


    We walk you through the subscription agreement to give you a clear understanding of the benefits and your obligations.


    Our experts match you with an appropriate solar project based on geographic location and availability of openings.

    Power Bill

    After being connected with your project, you will start to see the benefits of your solar participation on your energy bills.