Cooperatives and Municipal Electric Providers

Deliver safe and affordable carbon-free electricity to your members by adding solar + storage to your energy mix.

Solar and Storage for Munis and Cooperatives

There has never been a better time to modernize your energy mix with solar + storage. Residential and commercial customers alike want renewable energy options that reduce carbon emissions while improving community health and safety. Now, you can deliver renewable energy to your community at equal or lower costs than conventional generation.

Reliable Clean Power

Together, solar and storage improve grid resiliency and flexibility. These advanced technologies allow you to firm capacity and manage peak loads, enhancing efficiency while reducing costs. Battery storage eliminates intermittency challenges, thereby enabling hassle-free integration of renewables. Storage turns solar into a predictable and dispatchable asset that you can leverage for reliable clean power whenever you need it. Solar + storage enables:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Grid balancing and demand side management
  • Frequency and voltage support
  • Distribution deferrals

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    Time is Running Out to Get the Best Deals

    We are at a critical inflection point: The investment tax credit is nearing a stepdown, just as solar + storage costs are falling.

    In the past decade, solar costs dropped 82%, while battery prices fell by 80% over the last 5 years. Solar + storage is more affordable than it has ever been or likely will be for years to come. Solar is less expensive than existing coal based energy. Now is the time to capture the best value. Current economics make solar + storage at parity or even more cost-effective than conventional generation.

    Community and Cooperation are Core to Our identity

    Headquartered in Minnesota, we are a community-oriented renewables development firm with a focus on small utility and community solar and storage projects. With over 165 MW operating and 500+ MW under development, we are seasoned experts at delivering clean, reliable projects that prioritize communities’ needs and deliver long-term value.

    As creative problem solvers, we take a thoughtful, collaborative approach to ensure project sites and designs blend in organically with the aesthetic of surrounding communities. We pride ourselves on being a true partner, and look forward to collaborating through the entire project lifecycle to ensure success.

    Find out how to take advantage of affordable solar and storage.