City officials vote 5-0 to authorize lease.

Minnetonka, MN – August 20, 2018—Sunrise Energy Ventures, a Minnesota-based solar development company, announced that the City of Lacon has agreed to lease it a twenty-acre parcel of land so the firm can develop a solar farm. The land, which is currently farmed, is located on the east edge of town.

Lacon considered proposals from three solar development firms, but ultimately decided on Sunrise Energy Ventures. Under the terms of the agreement, Lacon will receive lease payments of around $1.3 million and has agreed to lease the land for up to thirty-six years.  According to city officials, the revenue will total more than they would receive to farm or to sell the land.

Sunrise Energy Ventures will bring the first solar installation to Lacon, making renewable energy available to Ameren customers and others who wish to purchase solar power throughout the region.  The two (2) megawatt installation will generate enough power for approximately 300 homes per year.  Solar is attractive because it is subject to energy tax credits and it leaves the land it a state that can be returned to farmland at the end of the lease.

“We are thrilled to bring solar to Lacon,” said Dean Leischow, chief executive officer of Sunrise Energy Ventures. “We know that solar is a viable alternative for agriculture regions as it yields favorable and stable returns.”

Sunrise Energy Ventures plans to begin construction on the solar farm within the next twelve to eighteen months.

About Sunrise Energy Ventures

Sunrise Energy Ventures is a solar energy development company bringing high-quality solar energy installations to communities across the United States and Canada. Under the leadership of CEO Dean Leischow, the company brings vast expertise, industry knowledge, and business acumen to build and deliver solar energy projects that provide communities a sustainable source of clean energy and investors a viable and high-value asset providing a meaningful and stable return on investment.