With a background in physics and economics, Mr. Tierney brings both practical experience and intellectual command to each project under development at Sunrise Energy Ventures.

Joe Tierney

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Tierney has over 8 years of experience in the energy conservation and renewable energy industry.  He has been with Sunrise Energy Ventures, LLC since it was founded.

Prior to Sunrise, Mr. Tierney consulted for Solar Energy Initiatives.  He provided support for the sales and marketing department and was responsible for providing financial and market feasibility analysis for the executive management team.

Prior to Solar Energy Initiatives, Mr. Tierney served as a business analyst for Leischow Group.  He was responsible for process optimization of the utility processing department and worked closely with company executives to analyze and improve strategic protocols for $400M in annual utility procurement.

Mr. Tierney has a MS in Finance from Johns Hopkins and a BA in Economics, with a focus in Physics and Psychology, from Hamline University.